Workers Direct is the one-stop resource for all your temporary staffing needs. In today’s economy, temporary staffing agencies offer a money saving solution to your employment needs. We provide you with more operational flexibility, using temporary staff as a stopgap so that your business can maximise efficiency and profitability. We proactively work for you to find the solution and ultimately help you to grow your business.

Temporary Staffing Solutions

The use of temporary staffing is a perfect way to test the skills and abilities of a new employee. Why not really see them for yourself before committing? Not only are you able to get valuable business work done, but you have the opportunity to observe a worker practically, right in your place of business. When you are satisfied that the temporary staff that Workers Direct provide are as we always promise – the perfect fit – then you can choose to hire them as permanent staff.

  • Hire Any Kind Of Temporary Staff As Long You Require Hire Any Kind Of Temporary Staff As Long You Require Workers Direct is one of the leading Temping Agency in UK, Our Team is Fully able to provide all kind of Short Terms & Temporary Recruitment Solutions.
  • Warehouse & Labouring Staff Warehouse & Labouring Staff With Workers Direct You Can Hire Warehouse Helpers / General Labourer on short Notice whenever you require.
  • Best Temping Agency Best Temping Agency Either you look for an Administration Staff Or Trade Person, Team Workers Direct Can Help To Find the Right Candidate.
  • General Helpers - Delivery Drivers General Helpers - Delivery Drivers One of Cheerful young deliveryman in a red uniform holding trolley loaded with cardboard boxes isolated on white.
  • Foremen And Supervisors Gesturing Thumbs Up Foremen And Supervisors Gesturing Thumbs Up A Team of industrial Workers including foremen and supervisors gesturing thumbs up at warehouse - shallow depth of field, focus on thumbs
  • A Temporary Administrative Team A Temporary Administrative Team Sometime Extra Work Load in Office Work, Urgently Needs Some More Hands? Our Team Of Temporary Admin Workers Are Always ready to Help.
  • Group of Temps - Diverse Professions Group of Temps - Diverse Professions Thousands of Professionals are registered with us For Temporary Jobs across the UK, Call Us for more information if you needs to Recruit someone.


Temping Agency London An excellent way of tackling recession or uncertainty in business, whether big or small, is by hiring temporary help. Our temping agency allows you access to workers of differing skill levels, backgrounds and talents. When we know what you are looking for, we manage the whole hiring process, resulting in limited liability for you, as well as a timely and appropriate worker to fill your vacancy. Temping is the perfect solution for many challenges faced by employers. With our varied candidates, we have the experience and resources to assist you.

Benefits of Hiring a Temp

Finding the right employee for a position can be a long process, and every business has experienced the frustration of hiring the wrong candidate. With Workers Direct helping you, you no longer need to worry about making a long-term commitment to a staff member until you are convinced that they are the perfect fit for your company. Cooperation with our temp agency is therefore a logical, painless way to find the right employee.

Try Before You Buy

Workers Direct provide and manage temporary staff, allowing a business to ‘try’ a worker as part of their team and to confirm that they are the perfect fit before taking them on board long-term, if needs be.

Covers a Temporarily Absent Employee’s Work

Every employee needs a break, albeit for holiday, illness, or other demands of busy lives. Perhaps you just need a temp worker to cover a few weeks or months whilst your permanent employee is away. If so, we can find you the right temporary fix – a worker who will fit seamlessly into your team and remove the worry when that more experienced member of staff is away. We provide only trustworthy workers, matched to each role based on their experience, ability and attitude and your specific requests. Don’t panic about the holiday a member of your staff has coming up; contact us and rest assured we will find you a temporary workers to fill it.

Great for Seasonal Work

If your company is particularly affected by, or relies upon, holiday and seasonal peaks, then you may be looking to bring in additional workers for a short period of time. At Workers Direct, we can source seasonal temps and make sure that your season is as productive and profitable as can be.

More Affordable

Working with a temp agency London offers a much more affordable option for your business than needing to take on and cover the recruitment process yourself. By partnering with us, you won’t have to worry about taking on the myriad costs of finding and contracting your own employees. Let us pay and manage the benefits, cover insurance and other HR costs, and not only do we take away the stress of recruitment, but we can save your company thousands of pounds every year.

Easier & Flexible

Who doesn’t want an easier working life, with less stress and worry, and more flexibility? Work with our temp agency is a dream solution for employers who need an easier solution! Forget about screening resumes, contacting candidates, hours spent interviewing and discovering they turn out to be un-qualified, and all the other frustrations of a slow process. Workers Direct is focused, detail-driven and experienced, and our expert team will quickly find you a temp worker who matches your needs. Let us do the hiring for you!