Our Staffing Services:

Worker Finder: Our Staffing & Recruitment Services

At Worker Finder, we are a trusted provider of comprehensive staffing and recruitment solutions. For over 15 years, leading organisations have partnered with us to access, develop and retain top talent.

Headquartered in London with offices nationwide, we combine recruitment expertise with the latest technology to deliver exceptional workforce solutions tailored to each client.

Worker Finder offers a comprehensive range of Staffing & Recruitment Services to cater to the diverse needs of businesses.

Worker Finder assists companies in finding suitable candidates for long-term, full-time positions, ensuring a good fit with the company’s culture and also providing temporary staff for specific periods due to seasonal demand, employee leave, or project-based work.

Contract staffing is similar but usually for longer periods and specific projects.

Our Staffing Services

Our wide range of services, spanning both temporary and permanent needs across all levels, includes:

Temporary Staffing

We provide qualified candidates for temporary, temp-to-hire, seasonal and contingent roles. This on-demand staffing quickly scales your workforce up or down to meet changing business needs.

Our temporary staffing fills immediate gaps and alleviates the burden on HR. We handle recruiting, screening, onboarding, payroll and compliance.

Popular temporary roles we staff include:

  • ⭐ Administrative assistants,  

  • ⭐ Data entry clerks, 

  • ⭐ Customer service reps

  • ⭐ Warehouse workers

  • ⭐ Drivers

  • ⭐ Construction workers

  • ⭐ Tradespeople

  • ⭐ Event staff

  • ⭐ Hospitality

  • ⭐ Sales & Marketing

Permanent Placement

We save you time and resources by recruiting top permanent talent for your open roles. Our experts handle targeted sourcing, screening, interviews, assessments, references and negotiations.

We place exceptional candidates for key permanent roles like:

  • Engineers, developers, IT professionals

  • Accountants, financial analysts

  • Nurses, doctors, health professionals

  • Sales executives, marketing managers, HR directors

Executive Search & Recruitment

We conduct retained executive searches to place leadership talent. Our consultants leverage our extensive network and industry connections to identify elite passive candidates for critical roles.

Typical executive search roles include:

  • CEOs, COOs, CFOs

  • Vice presidents, directors

  • Hospital and hotel administrators

  • Restaurant and retail general managers

  • Functional heads of departments

Payroll & Workforce Management

We offer full-service payroll processing and workforce management solutions for permanent and temporary staff. This frees you from the administrative burdens of:

  • Payroll calculation, payments, tax filings

  • Benefits administration

  • Compliance with labor regulations

  • HR systems integration

  • Time tracking and attendance management

Benefits of Our Services

For Job Seekers

🟢 Partnering with our agency provides access to:

🟢 Exciting job opportunities with top employers

🟢 Career guidance from knowledgable recruitment experts

🟢 Interview preparation and resume building support

🟢 Temporary assignments to gain experience in multiple roles

🟢 Full-time permanent placement once you’re ready

We enable candidates to launch, develop and change careers on their own terms.

For Employers

Our specialised recruitment services deliver:

👉 Quickly filling open roles with pre-screened, qualified talent

👉 Reduced time and effort spent on hiring and HR administration

👉 Scalable solutions that flex with your changing workforce needs

👉 Increased productivity, cost savings, and return on investment

👉 Insights into talent supply, compensation, and retention from our data

We become your external HR and recruitment partner so you can focus on your core business.

Staffing Services

Our Approach

Our people-centered and tech-enabled recruitment process is designed to provide the best results for both clients and candidates.

Utilising Technology and AI

We combine human expertise with AI tools for efficient sourcing, screening, matching, communications and more. This allows quick yet personalised hiring at scale.


We get to know each candidate so we can make placements optimised for their skills, interests and career goals while meeting client needs.

Customised Solutions by Industry

We tailor our recruitment approach based on the unique requirements of different industries and clients. Our teams specialise in key sectors.

Industries We Serve

Plus Emerging Industries

As new sectors grow, so does our talent network. We stay on top of trends and demands.

The Worker Finder Difference: What sets us apart is,

Hire Staff - Worker Finder

Years of Recruitment Expertise

Our team has decades of experience sourcing, screening, interviewing, qualifying, and placing top candidates. We’ve filled roles across every function and seniority.

Dedicated Account Management

Each client has a recruitment specialist overseeing fulfillments of their staffing needs from start to finish. We become an extension of your team.

Quality of Candidates

Our rigorous, multi-stage screening process results in extremely capable candidates with the right skills, experience, mindset and organisationals fit.

Reliability and Professionalism

We consistently deliver results with a highly responsive, polished, positive service experience. Our standards and ethics are second to none.

Innovative and Tech-Enabled

We combine traditional recruitment expertise with emerging technology like AI, predictive analytics, virtual interviews, and automation.

Data-Driven Insights

Our talent supply data, compensation benchmarks, and retention analytics provide strategic insights to inform your workforce planning.

Start Hiring Top Talent Today

If you’re looking to fill temporary or permanent roles, our dedicated consultants are ready to learn about your needs and recruit exceptional talent tailored to your organisation. Contact Worker Finder today to take your recruitment and workforce capabilities to the next level!

Worker Finder – The Best Recruitment Agency To Register For Temporary Jobs

Temporary jobs in the UK offer a great opportunity for employment due to the diverse range of roles available and the high demand for these positions. To be successful when applying for temp jobs, it is important that individuals have the necessary qualifications and skills to meet the job requirements. Knowing where to look for opportunities and having an impressive application can help candidates stand out among the competition. It’s also a good idea to look into companies before applying to make sure they are reputable and offer good working conditions. Finally, preparing thoroughly before attending interviews will help increase your chances of success. Those looking for temporary & part time work in the UK register with Team Worker Finder Today for a quick start.

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