Workers Finder is one of the best recruitment agencies in London, working to help millions of people to find their dream jobs according to their requirements. We have been providing excellent recruitment services to our clients since the last 10 years by offering millions of the latest job listings in various industries. Our major priority is the job seeker, that’s why we provide them access to endless job listings, post-CVs and research organizations as well. Our services include hiring, selection, appointment, agreement and temporary employees. We have a team of highly trained and experienced consultants that will guide you to deal with every step of the process.

Temporary and permanent solutions

There are several advantages to hiring temporary or permanent members of your team. Depending on the situation your business is in, either form of recruitment may end up the optimal choice. Why choose Worker Finder? Because we can provide both temp and permanent solutions so your business can easily adapt and make the best choices.

How to become a part of Worker Finder Agency

Becoming a client of Worker Finder Agency is very straightforward, and you won’t have to pay a single penny in joining fees.

Temp hiring

Temp hiring is favored by certain business for many reasons:
  • Hire only as long as you need
  • Avoid committing to long-term contracts
  • Cope with seasonal demand
  • Quickly replace short-term absentees
  • Pay hourly rates of project-based fees

Permanent hiring

On the other hand, permanent hiring has many perks itself:
  • Integrate candidates into your team long-term
  • Fill long-term job openings
  • Fixed salary payments
  • Find career-oriented individuals
  • Longer and more detailed recruitment search

To Summarise

There really isn’t one form of recruitment which is inherently better than another. Businesses may seek permanent hires in one month, then find they are short on workers and need to make temp hires right away. With Worker Finder, you’ll have an agency capable of providing both forms of recruitment.

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We are available throughout the day to speak over the phone regarding your recruitment needs. Our team is highly capable of finding solutions quickly without delay – in many cases we have found perfect candidates within a matter of hours.


You can just as easily drop us an email and we will return your enquiry. You can provide further details of your requirements by email, or simply wait for us to contact you back. We are diligent about responding swiftly to all enquiries, as we understand many businesses have urgent recruitment needs.

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